Ernest H., French dermatologist, 1831-1909. See: Besnier prurigo, Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann syndrome.
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Emmanuel Besnier, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of France in Ethiopia, confirmed the survival of the precious cross by tweeting: We can now confirm, with great relief, that the #Ethiopian cross offered to #NotreDame cathedral in 1954 by HIH Haile Selassie has been spared from this week's fire and is now safe at the Louvre museum."
Atenta a la fragilidad del <<ganarse la vida>>, visualiza economias no monetarizadas o parcialmente monetarizadas y advierte, en la linea senalada por Narotzsky y Besnier (2014), la existencia de vias alternas de aprovisionamiento (de alimentos, cuidados, vivienda, salud, etc.) sin idealizarlas o considerarlas al margen del poder.
The determination protocol is often called the Fatmax test; exercise intensity could be individualized with the Fatmax test, and a suitable exercise prescription could be prepared according to the subjects' metabolic responses (Besnier et al., 2015; Dumortier et al., 2003; Tan et al., 2016).
Nicolas Paulmier and Philippe Besnier will be appointed as non-executive directors of the Board by the EGM that will take place on November 20, 2018, increasing the number of non-executive directors to 4 in total.
He struggled to reposition himself positively and establish a favourable position for his children in a local, religiously oriented value system (Narotzky and Besnier 2014).
Besnier, "Variability impact of many design parameters: The case of a realistic electronic link," IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol.
We look forward to supporting Siggi's as it continues to bring its retail partners exceptional dollar growth in the yogurt category," said Emmanuel Besnier, president of the Lactalis Group.
Catholic teachings reinforce this silence by discounting ancestral spiritual beliefs, questioning the truth of 'superstitions' about memo, and the distinctly individual 'experience' of spirits (see also Besnier 1996; Feinberg 1996:107; Keesing 1982).
The same strain of salmonella was also responsible for some infections in 2005, Lactalis Chief Executive Emmanuel Besnier told French newspaper Les Echos, adding it was possible the factory was the source for these cases, and others since.