Bertillon, Alphonse

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Alphonse, chief of criminal investigation for Paris police, 1853-1914.
Bertillon system - identification system. Synonym(s): anthropometry
Bertillon cephalometer
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One police chief would order him to shut down his dactyloscopy system and replace it with the Bertillon system (anything coming from Paris, which included Bertillon's measurement system, was greeted with open arms by many Argentinians), while the next chief would reverse the order.
Bertillon intenta individualizar a quien retrata, establecer las caracteristicas de cada especimen en concreto y sobre todo desarrollar un sistema que permita recuperar esa informacion.
The Henry Classification System replaced the Bertillon age system as the primary method of fingerprint classification throughout most of the world.
Probably not, and therefore one's rage at Bertillon may not be entirely justified.
Since the Bertillonage System based on anthropometry and the first police laboratory for criminal identification were set up by Alphonse Bertillon in 1870, the techniques have been refined and new equipment has been developed.
Anthropometry worked, and helped to launch Bertillon into a career of groundbreaking forensic science.
With the second half of the 19th century, photography became much more easily available and was used on a wide scale to identify and locate recidivists (O'Brien 2012: 73) and Holmes himself admits being familiar with the Bertillon method (NAVA: 396; HOUN: 587).
Luys y sus "teorias que pareciam definitivamente sepultadas", lo cual implica reconocer la relevancia concedida por este psiquiatra a la fotografia--una forma de rajar el ser (Didi-Huberman, La ressemblance)--en el tratamiento de la histeria, algo solo comparable a la aplicacion de ese mismo recurso, por parte de Bertillon, en la pesquisa policial (14).
Conformement au << systeme Bertillon >> (21), les nomades furent photographies, et on prit leurs mensurations et leurs empreintes digitales.
A finales del siglo XIX el termino comenzaria a aplicarse a un metodo de identificacion criminal ideado por el antropologo frances Alfonso Bertillon (1853-1914).