Bobath, Berta

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Berta, English physical therapist, and Karel, English neurologist.
Bobath facilitation technique - Synonym(s): Bobath method
Bobath method - therapeutic exercise method for individuals with central nervous system lesions. Synonym(s): Bobath facilitation technique; Bobath method of exercise; Bobath proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
Bobath method of exercise - Synonym(s): Bobath method
Bobath proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation - Synonym(s): Bobath method
Bobath test chart of motor ability
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A therapist in Cardiffreferred them for treatment in London, at one of the Bobath centres founded on the work of Berta Bobath, a physiotherapist, and her husband, Dr Karel Bobath, a neurologist.
Berta Bobath first began her close observations of neurological patients and comparisons with normal movement in the 1940s.