Bernoulli trial

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Ber·noul·li tri·al

A single random event for which there are two and only two possible outcomes that are mutually exclusive and have a priori fixed (and complementary) probabilities of resulting. The trial is the realization of this process. Conventionally one outcome is termed a success and is assigned the score 1, the other is a failure and has the score 0. Thus the outcome might be 0 (no heads, one tail) or 1 (1 head, no tails).
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For describing discrete random variables associated with experiments, an important notion is that of Bernoulli trials.
Consider an infinite sequence of Bernoulli trials with probability of success p in every trial.
This paper proposes test statistics for the comparison of two binomial parameters that come from related samples in the situation just described, that is, in a series of Bernoulli trials that are split into two subsets at the occurrence of the first success in the sequence so that one of the binomial parameters is estimated under negative binomial sampling whereas the other is estimated under binomial sampling.
It is fairly easy to derive the mean and variance of the binomial distribution because we can depict Bernoulli trials in several ways.
of Utah)also accommodates single-semester graduate courses as he covers the basics in terms of classical probability, including discrete and conditional probability, independence, discrete distributions, absolutely continuous distributions, expectations and variance, as well as Bernoulli trials, measure theory, integration, product spaces, the central limit theorem, martingales, Brownian motion, and stochastic integration.
Bernoulli trials Trials that involve random processes for which there are only two possible outcomes that occur without any fixed pattern, and the probability of either outcome remains fixed for each trial.