Bernoulli effect

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Ber·noul·li ef·fect

the decrease in fluid pressure that occurs in converting potential to kinetic energy when motion of the fluid is accelerated, in accordance with Bernoulli law; applied in water aspirators, atomizers, and humidifiers in which a gas is accelerated across the end of a narrow, fluid-filled orifice.
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Bernoulli effect

[Jakob Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician, 1654–1705]
In pulmonology, the inverse variation in pressure with gas velocity in tubal air flow.
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Daniel, Swiss mathematician, 1700-1782.
Bernoulli effect - the decrease in fluid pressure that occurs in converting potential to kinetic energy when motion of the fluid is accelerated in accordance with Bernoulli law.
Bernoulli law - when friction is negligible, the velocity of flow of a gas or fluid through a tube is inversely related to its pressure against the side of the tube. Synonym(s): Bernoulli principle; Bernoulli theorem
Bernoulli principle - Synonym(s): Bernoulli law
Bernoulli theorem - Synonym(s): Bernoulli law
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But it is doubtful that the hill will ever be removed or even reduced to where the Bernoulli effect is no longer an issue.
Leading Edge coils it HyperPort, and their literature quotes the Bernoulli Effect. As I understand it, Bernoulli was a Swiss mathematician who first proved that if the surface area of a flow is reduced, the velocity of the gas is increased.
The five principles chosen were: the Doppler effect; conservation of energy; force of friction; centripetal force; and the Bernoulli effect. The PSAs would air between auto-racing programs during the month of May, "race month" in Indianapolis.
Another project slated for the new laboratory, according to Miaoulis, will explore how prairie dogs build their nests to take advantage of the Bernoulli effect to ventilate them.
So far, the company has filed eight patent applications regarding its technology, which involves cooling based on a principle of physics called the Bernoulli effect: force a gas through a narrow pipe or channel, and the pressure will go down as well as the temperature.
A novel wall climbing robot based on Bernoulli effect, IEEE/ASME Int.