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Bernoulli Health provides real-time solutions for patient safety, with more than 450 installed, operational systems.
Via the acquisition, Capsule gains the Bernoulli One, a real-time clinical surveillance solution that gives care teams contextual information on a patient's condition that can facilitate early intervention, improve patient safety and enable better clinical outcomes.
Bernoulli forces are sensitive to these shape changes.
SRIVASTAVA, Some generalizations and basic (or q-)extensions of the Bernoulli, Euler and Genocchi polynomials, Appl.
The QBN-based walk takes [l.sup.2](Z, H) as its state space, where H denotes the space of square integrable Bernoulli functionals, which is infinitely dimensional.
Nonlinear gray Bernoulli model can predict abnormal stock returns better than the gray model.
Finally in the Section 4, we show relations between the q-analog of the generalized Apostol type polynomials and the q-Stirling numbers of the second kind, the generalized q-Bernoulli polynomials of level m, the generalized q-Apostol type Bernoulli polynomials, the generalized q-Apostol type Euler polynomials, the generalized q-Apostol type Genocchi polynomials of order a and level m, and the q-Bernstein polynomials.
In this study, we hypothesized that the use of AR, because it provides a visualization of the underlying causal mechanisms, can assist students in developing a more accurate conception of Bernoulli's principle.
A calculation of sums [S.sub.r](n; a, d) can be traced back to Faulhaber [1] in 1631 and Bernoulli [2] in 1713.
Bernoulli distribution with parameter p [member of] (0, 1), Bern(p).