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The Bernoulli numbers and the Euler numbers have extensive applications in combinational mathematics and analytic number theory.
The Iomega logo, LaserSafe, Bernoulli Technology and Bernoulli are registered trademarks of Iomega Corporation.
The Bernoulli effect also explains how a spin bowler can curve the ball in cricket, or a tennis player can make a ball dip and then kick up after a serve.
Iomega and Bernoulli are registered trademarks of, and Zip, Ditto, and the Iomega logo are trademarks of Iomega Corporation.
The Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli created a theory in the 18th Century that explains why a dimpled ball creates a smaller wake of low pressure.
This is a delightful and ingenious version of the Sleeping Beauty tale, combined with historical information on the inventor Daniel Bernoulli.
Some scientists have claimed it's the Bernoulli effect: as water, air, and other fluids accelerate (speed up), surrounding air pressure drops, creating lift (upward force).
25-inch models that stole the whole market away from Iomega's 8-inch Bernoulli Boxes.
In a letter from August/September 1698, Leibniz reports to Bernoulli his opposition to the opinions of de Volder and Gregory of St.
The Bernoulli distribution is the appropriate distribution to use when multiple admissions are not possible.
Mainframes are used by only 19 percent, compact disks by 11 percent, removable hard disks by 10 percent, magnetic tape by eight percent, Syquest drives by one percent and Bernoulli Boxes by another one percent (chart 3).
Its flagship Bernoulli Enterprise system provides an extensible platform for Medical Device Connectivity, Alarm Management, Clinical Surveillance, Virtual ICU and Analytics to enable better outcomes, reduce the cost of care and improve patient and staff satisfaction.