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Ecuacion de Bernouilli (principio de la conservacion de la energia de un fluido)
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Using Bernouilli's Law, the device, called for air to be pushed through a cylinder that varied in diameter, and compressed into a combustion chamber hot enough to inflame injected gasoline.
The use of spirals was first documented in the late 1600s in "Sino Loria," a treatise by James Bernouilli. Spirals were rediscovered in 1874 by Cornu and used in optics.
Christoffersen (1998, Lemma 1) establishes that this is equivalent to testing that the sequence {[1.sub.t]} is identically and independently distributed as a Bernouilli distribution with parameter p, denoted: {[1.sub.t]} [sim] [IID.sub.B](p).
More flexibility is offered by the tool's availability of different handling systems, including Bernouilli handling for ultra-thin wafers.