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P., early 20th-century French physician. See: Bernheim syndrome.
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Heaven Hill will purchase Old Fitzgerald Bourbon and Christian Brothers Brandies and Dessert Wines, as well as the Bernheim production facility in Louisville, KY.
"Drug and biotech companies have cut back on everything, unless it is absolutely needed for current production," says Fred Bernheim, president of Bernheim Kahn & Elisco Architects, Northbrook, IL.
Art Buchwald, the columnist, and Alain Bernheim, the agent and producer, pitched a story idea to Paramount.
relatively free of most risks, except, of course, for those which arise from uncertainty concerning inflation" [see Bernheim and Shoven (1986) p.
French tenor Benjamin Bernheim makes a glorious American debut as Faust, projecting plenty of ardor as the dashing title antihero.
Isaac Wolf Bernheim came to the United States with $18 in his pocket.
Wren Smith is the interpretive programs manager for Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest in Kentucky.
Weighing into the heated debate, the pope cited France's chief Rabbi Gilles Bernheim, who has spoken out against gay marriage.
The future of the 10 million-franc ($11 million) plant in Solothurn and its 110 workers would be jeopardised should larger rivals such as Swatch Group succeed in calls for fewer non-Swiss components to be allowed in Swiss-made timepieces, according to Mondaine co-owner Ronnie Bernheim. Mondaine, which has been making watches modelled on the nation's train-station clocks for 25 years, uses imported dials and cases.
To formally introduce the collection, a combined event was arranged, including a presentation made by Pierre Bernheim and a cocktail for partners at the Golden Apple Hotel, followed by a premiere of "Lioness of Aquitaine" at the Lenkom Theatre.