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Martin, German neurologist, 1844-1915. See: Bernhardt disease, Bernhardt-Roth syndrome.
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(104) This awareness suggests that Bernhardt also knew English audience preferences in regard to the representation of women and that she performed femininity in strategic ways.
Joining Bernhardt in being honored at the State History Conference were:
No one knew the true identity of Sarah's father--including Youle--and the absence of a paternal figure was to haunt Bernhardt all her life.
By today's standards Bernhardt would probably be thought a bit hammy, but hey - who knows what they will think of us a century hence.
Bernhardt has long realized that nature has a mesmerizing beauty and our efforts of preserving it will come back to us to help us preserve our future too.
Interior spokeswoman Faith Vander Voort said in a statement that Bernhardt "is in complete compliance with his ethics agreement and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations."
With David Bernhardt defending energy interests for decades, it's highly unlikely he will suddenly change his views overnight to become equally interested in land conservation and wildlife protection, let alone transformative experiences.The evidence shows he is far too skewed to lead Interior with any kind of balanced decision-making.
Bernhardt, the daughter of a high-class courtesan, used her mother's connections to get a spot with the famed Comedie-Francaise, only to suffer such terrible stage fright that she was let go.
aACoeItaACAOs a humbling privilege to be nominated to lead a department whose mission I love, to accomplish the balanced, common sense vision of our President,aACA[yen] Bernhardt said in a statement Monday.
Bernhardt left active duty to pursue his legal career and continues to serve as a lieutenant commander in the U.S.
1 Bernhardt got his start in the swamp, working as a Washington, DC, lobbyist representing a range of fossil fuel clients, including Cobalt International Energy, Delta Petroleum, and Freeport LNG.
When on August 12, 1891, Los Angeles Times published a parodic article asserting that "the great Sarah Bernhardt" was of American origin, the news came as no surprise for an audience well-familiarized with the rumors surrounding the actress's private life (4).