Riedel, Bernhard M.C.L.

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Bernhard M.C.L., German surgeon, 1846-1916.
Riedel disease - Synonym(s): Riedel thyroiditis
Riedel frontal ethmoidectomy
Riedel lobe - tonguelike process extending downward from the right lobe of the liver lateral to the gallbladder. Synonym(s): lobus appendicularis; lobus linguiformis
Riedel struma - Synonym(s): Riedel thyroiditis
Riedel syndrome - Synonym(s): Riedel thyroiditis
Riedel thyroiditis - a rare fibrous induration of the thyroid, with adhesion to adjacent structures, which may cause tracheal compression. Synonym(s): chronic fibrous thyroiditis; ligneous struma; ligneous thyroiditis; Riedel disease; Riedel struma; Riedel syndrome
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