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Augustus C., U.S. surgeon, 1854-1907. See: Bernays sponge.
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From Edward Bernays Torches of Freedom to Mary Barra (CEO of General Motors), empowered women have come a long way.
Philip Bernays, the Theatre Royal's chief executive, said: "To be the North East regional winner is just fantastic and we really hope we can go all the way to win the UK's most welcoming theatre title too.
Excited about welcoming the show to Newcastle, Philip Bernays, chief executive of the Theatre Royal said: "We are delighted to be staging An Officer and a Gentleman when it embarks upon its first ever tour.
Publicista, periodista e inventor de la teoria de relaciones publicas, era sobrino de Sigmund Freud, hijo de su hermana Anna y de un hermano de su mujer Martha, Ely Bernays.
Edward Bernays, the father of modern public relations, examined it in 1928, in his book Propaganda.
Love in Vienna: The Sigmund Freud-Minna Bernays Affair
HIS was described as 'one of the most dynamic shows at the Fringe' and now Tristan Bernays is in Yorkshire with his spoken-word epic The Bread + The Beer.
Bernays, the smooth, cerebral PR pioneer honored at the museum, would be turning over in his grave if compelled to witness present practitioners.
Edward Bernays, often referred to as the originator of modern public relations, once said that PR was simply a polite term for propaganda.
with its exclusive Judges Award during its recent Bernays Awards Luncheon at the Boca Dunes Golf & Country Club.
Bernays (1891-1995), set off a mischievous train of thought that has profoundly affected how Lippmann's work is perceived and interpreted today.
The last few chapters turn to Freud, Edward Bernays (the public relations guru), and developments in neuroscience.