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Augustus C., U.S. surgeon, 1854-1907. See: Bernays sponge.
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Since motivational researchers, Edward Bernays and Ernst Dichter first uncovered the importance of the subconscious - including sexual desire - in the purchasing of products in the 1930s, sex has been important to marketing.
Theatre Royal chief executive Philip Bernays said: "We are extremely grateful to Dame Margaret and the Foundation for their generous support and also very proud of our long-standing association with Barbour, one of the most important and influential fashion brands in the world.
Theatre Royal chief executive Philip Bernays admitted he hadn't seen the show but he said: "It's Mary Poppins - it's one of the biggest titles in the world.
HIS was described as 'one of the most dynamic shows at the Fringe' and now Tristan Bernays is in Yorkshire with his spoken-word epic The Bread + The Beer.
Kaplan would spend much time with her in the kitchen, a fact whose significance would emerge after he and Bernays married.
with its exclusive Judges Award during its recent Bernays Awards Luncheon at the Boca Dunes Golf & Country Club.
During the Bernays event, the Award of Excellence for internal communications was presented to Clearpoint and its graphic design partner on the project, Diseno Communications, for communications they created for SynteractHCR, Inc.
The last few chapters turn to Freud, Edward Bernays (the public relations guru), and developments in neuroscience.
BERNAYS PROPAGANDA: ROCK 'N' ROLL & ANTI-UTOPIAS [debate with the Macedonian group Bernays Propaganda about utopias today and yuppie dreams, followed by a concert] July 23, 7pm
Lead author Elizabeth Bernays says that this finding is the first clear demonstration of self-medication among insects.
Interpretively, it may not break much new ground, but--rather like Larry Tye's 1998 biography of Edward Bernays, The Father of Spin--it offers a well-researched and detailed, if relatively brief, account of a neglected pioneer of contemporary image-malting.
He was studying at Gottingen with the likes of Hilbert, Weyl, and Bernays as the Nazis began dismantling the tradition of mathematics there.