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Jean, 20th-century French hematologist. See: Bernard-Soulier disease, Bernard-Soulier syndrome.
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Bernard test

An obsolete “trial of therapy” in which intense antituberculous therapy is administered to a patient with anthracosis; if tuberculosis is superimposed on anthracosis, the findings on a chest film (radiology) will demonstrate an improvement.
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Bernard was born June 11, 1940 in Hamilton County to Warner Russell Carter and Monette (Bozarth) Carter.
Bernard, who spent nearly four decades working as City's club secretary before being named as a life president on his retirement, passed away aged 77 after a battle with cancer last month.
Since moving to Anfield,Salahhas cemented his place as one of the finest players in world football and his stature in the game was seemingly not lost on Bernard despite the duo's rival allegiances.
The former Liverpool player dropped in to see Bernard at RMBI Home The Tithebarn, in Great Crosby, to shake his hand and wish him a happy birthday.
Brooker Management Executive of the Year Award will be presented to Bernard for his unique and exemplary professionalism, civic achievement and contributions to the real estate industry.
Given his lack of games and fitness when he arrived, it was always going to take time but Bernard now looks ready.
Wright told ( Esquire that Bernard is a broken machine, so his timeline is a mess.
The Citrus County Sheriff's Office said Bernard has a long criminal record, including a prior history of burglary, and that he was recently released from jail.
At Philippine Airlines (PAL), we have a different, yet similar, kind of Bernard-he is not a dog, but embodies the gentleness and rescue abilities a Saint Bernard is known for.
This prompted Bernard to intervene and tried to appease Manalili telling him that they went there to blotter the incident at the bar.
Bernard's widow, Norma, 74, who still lives in the town, has instructed lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate whether more could have been done by his former employers to protect him.
WHEN Margaret Husband watched Bernard Brice wed her pal in 1951, she probably never imagined she would do the same 66 years later But the pair have become one of the world's oldest married couples - after they met again at his wife's funeral.