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Jean, 20th-century French hematologist. See: Bernard-Soulier disease, Bernard-Soulier syndrome.

Bernard test

An obsolete “trial of therapy” in which intense antituberculous therapy is administered to a patient with anthracosis; if tuberculosis is superimposed on anthracosis, the findings on a chest film (radiology) will demonstrate an improvement.
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Kelley) Bernard; two daughters, Gail Bernard of Rutland and Donna Bernard and her partner, Jane Bernard, of Clinton; a nephew, Mark Bernard, whom he considered a son, and his wife, Robin, of Barre; five grandchildren; six great-grandchildren, several nephews and nieces; and many friends.
However, later reports suggested that despite their interest, Emirates officials never made a formal bid for Bernard.
Bernard moved to Nyack, New York to be near his uncle Perryre--fashioned as Pierre--who had become a wealthy businessman and guru to a community of well-heeled seekers.
Se presenta la unica version existente del primer curso sobre Fisiologia Experimental dictado, en sustitucion de Magendie, por Claude Bernard en el invierno 1847-1848 en el College de France.
Lynn had held his hand in his hospital bed beside his beloved son, Bernard Jnr and Bernard Jnr's wife Julie until he breathed his last breath.
Bernard stated, "Ralph was actively involved in preparing the Institute for the celebration of its 50th anniversary, including the development of a history of the Institute, Serving the Profession: Tax Executives Institute at Fifty.
There are not many things that you have to really work on with Bernard,'' Jackson said.
In this masterful volume, Sommerfeldt liberates Bernard from many of the most persistent misconceptions that have led some modern scholars to disparage or even detest him.
So Bernard and Karen headed for Shelby Hospital, where several X-rays revealed that Bernard had dislocated his shoulder when he was knocked off the ATV.
Months of research went into modernising the company logo, which features Great Witchingham Hall, the stately home where Bernard Matthews raised his first turkeys and which is now the company headquarters.
Once known for tightly plotted, high-concept musings on the ongoing annexation of everyday life by the entertainment industry, Cindy Bernard has more recently converted to the (quasi-)formalist cause.