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For agricultural policy-makers the highlight of the three-day event was the 10th Berlin Conference of Agriculture Ministers the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.
The leaders argued that establishing Cow Colonies across the country would be in aid of 'Private Business' and in violation of the sensibilities of different nationalities whose lands would be partitioned for Fulani herdsmen reminiscent of the Berlin Conference where Africa was partitioned for different colonial powers as a colony.
On January 20, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Yevgeny Gromyko took part in the 10th Berlin Conference of Agriculture Ministers in the framework of the Global Forum on Food and Agriculture.
Kenya and almost all the African states were created following the Foreign Policy decision of 13 European countries and the US during the Berlin Conference of 1884 (also referred to as the Congo Conference or the West Africa Conference).
They were marking their spheres of influence during the Berlin Conference of 1884 (also referred to as the Congo Conference/West Africa Conference).
Our continental body, the OAU, decided in 1963 to accept the borders carved up by Europeans at the 1884 Berlin Conference.
Hammal Haider, the foreign secretary of the Baloch National Movement, said, "The purpose of the Berlin conference is to engage scholars from around the world to have a candid debate on China's One Belt Road One Road (OBOR) initiative.
The book offers analysis of European leadersAE approval of rogue empires and chartered company governments in Africa, announced at the Berlin Conference of 1884-85.
Early plans for the smartphone was to have it debut during the 2017 IFA Berlin conference in September.
The Berlin conference, complementary to other initiatives and programmes, such as African Union's 2063 Agenda and UNO's 2030 Agenda, aims to promote private investments and investments in infrastructure so as to develop Africa and ensure employment for African youths.
She was allegedly thrown out of a Berlin Conference Hall, slapped by her arch nemesis, the secretary of justice, and pole-danced for a high-profile convict.
From a similar standpoint, encouraging bottom-up activities and benefiting from the strong presence of local government and the innovation of civil society, in June 2016, the Berlin conference "Unlocking the Transformative Power of Cities" sent out a vibrant vision on urban development.

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