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name of a mine owner from which material to make filter was taken.
Berkefeld filter - filter for bacteria.
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Rabies virus crosses the Berkefeld filter [in French], Comptes Rendus de la Societe de Biologie.
The Berkefeld filter, as it was called, was successfully used during the 1892 cholera epidemic in Hamburg, Germany.
22) Luego, para descontaminar mejor los caldos, se inventaron los filtros bacteriologicos tales como los de Kieselgurh, Seitz, Kitasato, Berkefeld y Chamberland; este ultimo fue el primero de ellos, inventado en 1884.
In partnership with Wetico Saudi Berkefeld, the recently-launched Shoaiba Barge SeaWater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plant is one of Saudi Arabia's largest RO seawater desalination plants and the world's largest sea-based desalination plant.
In Germany, Ian was responsible for integrating newly acquired companies, ELGA Berkefeld and Kruger WABAG into the VWS group.
When preparing for Y2K, I bought a British Berkefeld water filter.
The Chilean Government commissioned a study by German researchers from Berkefeld Filter concerning the removal of this contaminant from drinking-water.
Brochure details wide range of OEM quality replacement parts & services for its Peerless, Taber, LaBour, Berkefeld, Mokveld, SIHI, Melotte, Halberg and SPP product lines.