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Emil A. von, German bacteriologist and Nobel laureate, 1854-1917. See: Behring law.
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Behring's law

Parenteral administration of serum from an immunised person will protect a nonimmunised person against a particular disease, which was described by Emil Adolf von Behring (1854–1917).
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Tufted puffins comprised 87% of this total, or 40-100% of the Pribilof Islands' population, making it highly likely that affected birds originated from colonies throughout the Bering Sea.
Egg cases of Alaska skate were the most broadly distributed, with high concentrations caught near the Bering 1, Pribilof, and Pervenets sites (Fig.
Steiler, a keen scientist, wanted to accompany it, but Bering initially refused him permission.
Container Vessel Safmarine Ngami sailed out to sea on Monday morning, while two more Container Vessels MS Tiger and GSL Tianjin and a Coal carrier Nord Bering are expected to sail on same day in the afternoon and another ship 'Thang Long' is expected to sail at night hours.
Eligible catcher-processor companies operating vessels in the Bering Sea Pollock fishery divide the overall quota of Pollock available to harvest.
Chainsaw lives at Bering's Bissonnet Street location, and he has a counterpart named Hacksaw at the business's Westheimer Road store.
The southern reach of Bering Sea ice also controls the southward extent of the cold pool, a middle shelf bottom layer of cold less than 2[degrees]C water (Mueter & Litzow 2008).
China's Defense Ministry, in a short statement sent to Reuters, said the ships were in the Bering Sea as part of a routine drill following the completion of exercises with Russia.
Utilizing the framework of cognitive psychology and evolutionary psychology, Bering traced our tendency of believing in the supernatural to instinct.
The 1,753-ton fishing ship, which was catching pollack, sank in the western part of the Bering Sea near Russia on Monday when one person was confirmed dead and seven were rescued.
Russian authorities said there were 62 people aboard the ship, which sank in the western part of the Bering Sea, near Russia.