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(bĕrg′strəm), Sune Karl 1916-2004.
Swedish biochemist and physician. He shared a 1982 Nobel Prize for research into the chemical structure of prostaglandins.
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Within that generation, Rex Bergstrom was a significant figure.
In Barbarossa: The Air Battle, July-December 1941, author Christer Bergstrom gives what I consider a very readable and well-researched account of the first six months of the battle.
Thorn said Bergstrom's Back-Yard Food Factory is targeting a whole new customer base for Valley Feed.
"This truly offers fleets and owner-operators who live on the road, the best of both worlds--a combination of battery power and APU functionality," said Bill Gordon, director of Global Marketing and national director Aftermarket for Bergstrom, Rockford, Ill.
Lindgren then won a shared heat 12, but Scunthorpe further increased their advantage with a 5-1 over Lyons in heat 13 before Lindgren and Piszcz made sure the night finished on a high for Birmingham with a five-pointer over Bergstrom and Karlsson in heat 15..
One reason for this, explains Bergstrom, is a lack of about 1,000,000 health workers in Africa alone, and some 4,000,000 globally.
"The space created at the Dyffryn site will allow us to continue to grow as we serve new customers and markets," said Sean Jones, operations manager at Bergstrom. "We expect further growth throughout the remainder of this year and into 2008."
BERWICK: Michal Makovsky 10, Lee Complin 9, Andreas Bergstrom 6, Theo Piper 5, Stan Burza 2 + 1, Sam Martin 1, David Meldrum 0.
Written by an extremely talented eighth grade student Will Bergstrom and illustrated with sweeping paintings by his grandmother Anne-Marit Bergstrom, The Magic Telescope is a half-size picturebook meant to celebrate Christmas at any time of the year.
Popular Swedish actress Helena Bergstrom makes a surprisingly assured helming bow with "Mind the Gap." Energetic romantic comedy with an immigrant twist is fun and entertaining while still keeping a foot firmly in reality.
Bergstrom Europe, which makes heating systems for cars, has added its voice to objections to the proposed waste plan for the old St Ives print works near Caerphilly.
Bergstrom [2002] observed that installation in users computers was too complex and difficult for stand alone software but the use of the web alleviated the problem.