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Gottlieb H., German neurologist and anatomist, 1781-1861. See: Bergmann cords, Bergmann fibers.
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Loving mother of Maria (Dieter) Bergmann, Nelson (Nora) and the late Rui Kraemer.
Christina McInerney and Scott Michaud have joined the team at architecture and engineering firm Bergmann.
According to the Standard Catalog of Military Firearms by Ned Swing, this particular Astra is chambered for the 9x23mm, aka 9mm Bergmann, aka 9mm Bergmann-Bayard, aka 9mm Largo.
Born in 1914 in Laupheim, a town in Southwest Germany, Bergmann quickly made a name for herself as a track-and-field star with a specialty in the high jump.
It's like fashion, but one company has stood the test of time and is still highly prized by collectors - Bergmann cold-painted bronzes.
A video of a freshman, Emery Bergmann, of Cornell University in New York, depicting transition into college life is going viral on social media.
Bergmann is believed to have made a passing comment during the reading that prompted the attack.
Though he hails from Denmark, Nicolai Bergmann might be the busiest man in Tokyo.
Margaret Bergmann Lambert, an outstanding high jumper who was barred from the 1936 Berlin Olympics because she was Jewish died in New York aged 103.
A selection of papers by Freudian psychoanalyst, author, and educator Bergmann (1913-2014) offers his view of psychoanalytic theory, techniques, and applications.
California United Bank (CUB), a subsidiary of CU Bancorp (NASDAQ: CUNB), has said that it has named Arthur Bergmann as a senior vice president for the Orange County Commercial Lending Office in Irvine, California.
A locked-breech, short-recoil variant of the 1908 Bergmann repeater, the 7970 was designed by Theodore Bergmann of Suhl, Germany, who was an early experimenter with auto pistols.