(bûr′gē), David Hendricks 1860-1937.
American bacteriologist noted for his study of hygiene and classifications of bacteria.
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The key players contributing to the robust growth of the small wind turbine market comprise Kingspan Group Plc, Bergey Wind Power Co, Northern Power Systems Inc, Shanghai Ghrepower Green Energy Co., Ltd., Xzeres Wind Corp, City Windmills Holdings PLC, Endurance Wind Power Inc, Fortis Wind, Kliux Energies, Aeolos Wind Energy Ltd, and among others.
They have been reported on rocks, trees, leaves, turtle carapace and inside the thallus of algal lichen (Lakatos et al., 2004; Wu and Bergey, 2017).
Browse Complete Report with TOC @ Key participants in the global hybrid power systems market include Bergey WindPower Co., BORG Inc., Guangzhou HY Energy Technology Limited Corp., Kestrel Renewable Energy, KYOCERA Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Schneider Electric SE, Sharp Electronics, Siemens AG, and Suzlon Group.
Given that the artificial ponds were similar to each other in terms of water quality and physical disturbance, diatom assemblage structure and composition on turtle carapaces might be dependent on several extrinsic and intrinsic factors, such as carapace size, physical stress or competence, and the regional pool and successional stage of assemblages (Tumlison & Clark, 1996; Soylu et al., 2006; Wu & Bergey, 2017).
Identification of microorganisms: Bacterial colonies having different morphology were identified on the basis of their colony characteristics and microscopic features according to instructions given in Bergey's manual (2009).
Less than a year after the PV system was installed, we experienced a fortunate convergence of circumstances that made the installation of a 10-kW wind turbine system from Bergey Windpower a reality.
The isolates were identified based upon their culture characteristic, morphology and by using Biochemical methods (Bergey's Manual of Systemic Bacteriology)(Holt et al., 1984).
CBRE's Stuart Siegel, Matt Bergey and Kylie Van Buren represented owner Winter Properties in four new full-floor leases totaling 22,300 s/f at the newly-renovated 3 East 28th Street.
Christopher Bergey, vice president of Embedded and Integrated Solutions for Western Digital.