Bruno J., French surgeon, 1825-1865. See: Béraud valve.
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The authors would like to thank doctor Laetitia Beraud, working at the national reference center of Legionella, for the specific microbiologic analyzes performed in this center.
A lo largo de su carrera le dedicaron un genero de Hemiptera-Heteroptera (Moronopelios vespiformis Brailovsky, 1988); dos generos de Rutelinae (Moronius miguelangeli Grossi y Vaz de Melo, 2015 yMoroniella nitidula (Blanchard) Ramirez-Ponce, 2015); una especie de Collembola (Ceratophysella moroni Villalobos y Palacios-Vargas, 1986); una especie de Cerambycidae (Derobrachus moroni Heffern y Santos Silva, 2016); una especie de Dytiscidae: Hidrophorinae (Neoclypeodytes moroni Arce-Perez, 2015); cuatro especies de Rutelinae (Plusiotis moroni Curoe y Beraud, 1994; Yaaxkumukia moroni Mico, Gomez & Galante, 2006; Chrysina miguelangeli Nogueira y Curoe, 2012; Anomala moroni Filippini, Mico y Galante, 2015) (Fig.
According to Rosmini's own marginalia, he developed these ideas by reading the French classical liberal Charles Dunoyer (1786-1862), who thought liberty was not a right but "a power to be obtained," "a situation in which a person can use his or her faculty without any impediment" (Beraud 2016: 164).
The exhibition, which is curated by Maria Stathi, will feature works from Raymonde Beraud (from Cyprus), Gary Colclough (from the UK), Panayiotis Doukanaris (from Cyprus), Vangelis Gokas (from Greece), Jost Munster (from Georgia), Eleni Phyla and Andreas Savva (both from Cyprus).
The temporary double-lumen catheter (TDLC) is more commonly used because it is easy and rapid to implant (Canaud, Desmeules, Klouche, Leray-Moragues, & Beraud, 2004; Crosswell, Brain, & Roodenburg, 2014).
Among the captains were the Basques Auger Dolobarat, Michel Beraud de Monsegur, Jean Hiriart, and Baraguet.