Bruno J., French surgeon, 1825-1865. See: Béraud valve.
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Speaking to Gulf Business onboard the Languedoc, France's Naval Action Force head Admiral Denis Beraud says: "The French Navy is deployed in all parts of the world and used in application of the French policy and particularly in the fight against Daesh (ISIL) in the Middle East region.
Bar-Tal A, Yermiyahu U, Beraud J, Keinan M, Rosenberg R, Zohar D, Rosen V, Fine P (2004) Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium uptake by wheat and their distribution in soil following successive, annual compost applications.
Avant l'Independance et jusqu'en 1947, elle a ete occupee par la famille Beraud.
Secularisation, nation et impregnation culturelle du christianisme>>, dans Solange Lefebvre, Celine Beraud et E.
The works of Manet, Tissot, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, and Picasso hang next to canvases by less-familiar names such as Jean Beraud, Paul-Emile Boutigny and Ernest Ange Duez; and the works range widely in style from the experimental or avant-garde to more conventional academic compositions.
Almost half of this absorbing volume is taken up by the first two chapters, each more than sixty pages in length, on the reception of Ricardo in France (by Alain Beraud and Gilbert Faccarello) and in the German-speaking countries (Christian Gehrke).
En casa de Selma Beraud, actriz del teatro universitario, nos quedabamos en ocasiones a dormir en el suelo alfombrado.
Georges-Courbot MC, Beraud AM, Beards GM, Campbell AD, Gonzalez JP, Georges AJ, et al.
Highlights included the fantastical engravings of Victorien Sardou (depicting the elaborate palaces--some on Mars, others on Jupiter--of the spirits of Swedenborg, Mozart, Christ, and others), trance drawings by mediums Leon Petitjean and Catherine-Elise Muller (aka Helene Smith), the famous photographs, replete with ectoplasm, of seances conducted by Marthe Beraud (aka Eva C.
by Andre Beraud, Anne-Sophie Godfroy and Jean Michel.