Beowulf Cluster

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An inexpensive supercomputer-like system created from multiple desktop PCs connected by a high-speed network
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Theoretical Chemistry Group at Leiden University is about to increase its computing capacity by purchasing a comprehensive and balanced Beowulf cluster.
edu is Calvin College's newest Beowulf cluster, providing 45 nodes, 368 cores, 768 GB of RAM, Infiniband and Gigabit Ethernet networks, 23 TB of disk space, 3 KVM units, and 3.
Ofria's preliminary tests of Avida on the SGI Altix cluster versus his department's 200-node Beowulf cluster show the impressive speedup he was hoping for.
A dedicated Beowulf cluster jointly owned by VCC and the University of Surrey, which has been in use since 1999.
The testing environment for collecting the performance results were those utilized in evaluating hardware and software for the creation of the Kent State Computer Science Beowulf cluster, called fianna.
Other architectural problems were also found when we tried to port Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) to a Beowulf Cluster that has VIA networking facility.
In addition a customer need only supply servers, in order to build a toroidal Beowulf cluster and start parallel processing for a modest outlay.
Penguin's staff, including the originator of the Beowulf Cluster architecture, has unsurpassed experience in delivering a powerful combination of fully integrated HPC clusters, comprehensive cluster management software, and services.
General and balanced Beowulf cluster computing its capacity This document describes the requirements and criteria that cluster must meet and what support is expected wordt.
On-the-Fly Beowulf Cluster Topology Reconfiguration.
Although clusters running proprietary clustering software can be costly, a popular PC-based clustering approach is called a Beowulf Cluster.
The goal of this project is to develop Java/CORBA technology for a Beowulf cluster of computers.