Beowulf Cluster

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An inexpensive supercomputer-like system created from multiple desktop PCs connected by a high-speed network
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Beowulf Cluster [8] is academic cluster based on computers with low processing power, on a private network, with GNU/Linux, where the computers are similar and it is used in this paper.
In these categories, Beowulf cluster falls into a local memory machines by messages through networks of workstations and clusters and each workstation maintains its individuality.
Ultimate's system for 3D Holoprinting (as they call it) uses a Beowulf Cluster of 21 computers (ie 21 computers working as a unified system) to generate the simulated wavefronts of the hologram, so this digital hologram can deliver full vertical and horizontal parallax.
Ofria's preliminary tests of Avida on the SGI Altix cluster versus his department's 200-node Beowulf cluster show the impressive speedup he was hoping for.
CEI is now helping Blondin's team set up a Beowulf cluster, a rack of regular personal computers tied together for supercomputing power.
In this section, we consider the performance of a sample application on the Beowulf cluster at Kent State.
Other architectural problems were also found when we tried to port Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) to a Beowulf Cluster that has VIA networking facility.
In addition a customer need only supply servers, in order to build a toroidal Beowulf cluster and start parallel processing for a modest outlay.