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The fundamental ring system of pyranoses.
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Organic inhibitors that have shown promise for protecting steel include benzoxazoles, benzothiozoles, imidazoles, imidazolines, tetraphosphonic acid (TPA), TPA-amine complexes, and TPA-carboxylates.
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Benzoxazoles are nitrogen-oxygen containing heterocycles that occur in a number of natural products and are easily obtained by total synthesis.
Finally, benzoxazoles 5a-5d and 5a'-5d' were synthesized by adaptation of the methods described by Nakamura et al.
Benzoxazoles can be considered as structural bioisosteres of nucleotides such as adenine and guanine, which allow them to interact easily with the biopolymers of a living system [10, 28].
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In 1950s, poly(benzoxazole)s and copolymers thereof were firstly synthesized and reported.