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pe·tro·le·um ben·zin

purified, low boiling fractions distilled from petroleum consisting of hydrocarbons, chiefly of the methane series; it is highly flammable, and its vapors, when mixed with air and ignited, may explode; used as a solvent.


(ben´zēn) petroleum benzin; see under petroleum .


, benzin, benzine (ben'zen?, ben-zen') [ benz(oin) + -ene]
C6H6, a highly flammable volatile organic compound that is the simplest member of the aromatic series of hydrocarbons. It is composed of six carbon atoms in a ring and has one hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom. It is immiscible with water, dissolves fats, and is used as a solvent and in the synthesis of dyes and drugs. Synonym: benzol


It is a carcinogen.
CAS # 71-43-2

ethenyl benzene

See: ethenylbenzene
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8) The mother's position in Benzina seems to coincide with the enunciative agency known in film theory as "the Absent One," the authoritative "unseen enunciator" defined by, as Silverman points out, "transcendental vision, hearing, and speech" (30).
Priklausomai nuo akmens anglies perdirbimo budo, gaunami skirtingi produktai: 1) deginant-silumine energija; 2) dujinant-generatorines dujos; 3) vykdant pusiau koksavima-pirminis degutas, degutinis vanduo, svieciamosios dujos; 4) hidrinant benzinas, tepalai, parafinas.
gt; karstis toli prasoksta gazolio (naftos) savaiminio uzsidegimo temperatura A 148; Benzinas yra zemes alyvos (naftos) distiliatas <.
gt; benzinas reikia pilti nuo dugno to indo, kuriame jis yra, i giedria stikline; Kas 1000 kilometru reikia mainyti tepala <.
3) For further fictional exploration of the concepts of gender associated with gas station agents see Elena Stancanelli's Benzina.
Iprastos konstrukcijos varikliuose benzina visiskai pakeisti etanoliu yra problemiska, nes reikia juos is dalies rekonstruoti.
Its interior is as Italian as Lazio or Juve, right down to the Benzina and Acqua signs on the dials, the chrome highlights, badged steering wheel and the body-hugging seats.
The 147's interior is as Italian as Internazionale or Juventus, right down to the Benzina and Acqua signs on the dials, the chrome highlights, badged steering wheel and the body-hugging sports seats.
Des stars de la chanson comme Abderrahamne El Kobi, Abdelaziz Benzina, Samah Akla, Mohamed Lamari, diriges par le maestro Sid Ali Kriou, ont anime l'apres-midi avec des morceaux choisis du repertoire algerien.
This critical blindness, particularly pronounced in an article that is searching for the lesbian presence, stands in marked contrast to the growing presence of the lesbian protagonist or character in Italian literature, not only in lesbian narratives, such as Stancanelli's Benzina, (studied by critics such as Charlotte Ross and Patrizia Sambuco) but in novels across the decades.
The interior is Italian as Juventus or Lazio, right down to the Benzina and Acqua signs on the dials, the chrome highlights and badged steering wheel.
De nombreux artistes, entre autres Allaoua Boughemza, Lakhdar Kesri et Abdelaziz Benzina, animeront des soirees.