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A regional street term for Benzedrine—amphetamine sulfate
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He emphasized the unique nature of IKCO and Mercedes Benz agreement saying the new cooperation would be launched via a joint venture.
Benz considers the Holocaust in about twenty pages, and the portion devoted to the war years covers less than half the book.
Although the full physiological explanation for sleep disorder in dialysis patients awaits discovery, Benz' therapy has proved effective.
As in the A+T development across Linkstrasse, the Piano site has been divided among several architects, for masterplanner and client decided that the area and its 17 blocks were too big to be created by one firm (all participants won prizes in the Daimler Benz competition).
Benz believes further studies will show that women whose tumors lack functional estrogen receptors do not respond to tamoxifen therapy.
Benz and Daimler later merged to form Daimler-Benz and produced cars, trucks and vans all carrying the name Mercedes-Benz and the famous three- pointed star.
Beijing Benz Automotive and Mercedes-Benz (China), subsidiaries of Mercedes-Benz, are recalling 1,479 vehicles in China.
The acquisition of Fox will constitute a reverse takeover of Benz pursuant to the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange.
Speaking on the occasion, Peter T Honegg, Managing Director & CEO, MBIL said, "Mercedes- Benz has a strong legacy of 125 Years and we are the pioneers and the largest bus manufacturers globally with the widest portfolio of product offerings.
Obeid Khalifa Al Jaber, chairman of Al Jaber Group, said: "We have a long business relationship with Mercedes Benz and EMC and we are pleased to add another milestone to this relationship.
Auto Business News-12 August 2009-Mercedes Benz USA launches PGA Performance Centre(C)2009 ENPublishing -