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'The pharmacist said that the youth had moved from taking Benylin with codeine to the blood tonic.
The manufacturer of Benylin Chesty Coughs Non-Drowsy claims it 'works deep down to loosen phlegm, clear bronchial congestion, and make your cough more productive'.
Benylin Tickly Coughs (non-drowsy) (not to be given under 12 months)
An antihistamine-containing cough syrup such as Benylin works better for children, advises Dr.
Benylin cough formula is being repositioned as a pediatric product.
Cold, cough, and asthma drugs which have side effects simulating dementia: Seldane Proventil Benylin
He revealed that the drugs they sell include Tutolin, Benylin, Indian hemp, cocaine, among others.
The top three brand owners, namely Wyeth Consumer Health behind major brands including Advil (ibuprofen) and Robaxacet, McNeil Consumer Healthcare (Tylenol, an acetaminophen painkiller, and Benylin) and Bayer (Aspirin and Aleve, a naproxen painkiller), held combined value share of 68%, each with over 15% share.
on he NIGHT " In another message he said: "ha i laughed because if someone is dead i would not text the person because he is dead." He added: "But i appreciate the care so i went to the chemist and got some benylin to get rid of the coffin ha...
BENYLIN Chesty Coughs Original contains an antihistamine to relieve irritating coughs and dry nasal secretions.
SAVE: 90p Benylin Chesty Non-Drowsy Cough (150ml), Tesco.
It also warned that well-known medicines such as Lemsip, Benylin and Sudafed Nasal spray solution - among others - are no use to kids.