H., 20th-century German physician. See: Bennhold Congo red stain.

Bennhold's stain

The first method for demostrating amyloid in tissue; the currently preferred methods include Highman's Congo red, alkaline Congo red and the high pH Congo red techniques.
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With the latest reduction in installation cost for solar PV projects, the C&I business allows the solar industry in Thailand to thrive independently of government subsidies," said Florian Bennhold, CEO of Symbior Solar, "The recently approved net-metering policy shows that Thailand is embracing this new development for solar PV and will support the C&I segment further in 2018.
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Katrin Bennhold has been named the Berlin bureau chief for The New York Times.
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It was just months after the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, said reporter Katrin Bennhold.
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While there is no quantitative data on violence against refugee and migrant women, it is clear that many displaced Syrian women and girls have experienced violence, in particular rape (Anani 2013; Bennhold 2016).
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