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Edward, English physician, 1766-1838. See: Harrison groove.
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The section "Celebrating Diversity" suggests that President Benjamin Harrison wanted to honor Columbus in part because
We have found to our glad surprise that tea is one of those creature comforts that people are not really willing to forego says Benjamin Harrison, co-owner vice president of sales for Rishi Tea, a Milwaukee-based company specializing in teas from China, Japan and Taiwan.
For those who see all politics as sound and fury, purely for politicians' benefit (or, worse, the trusts), the contest that matched President Grover Cleveland against former Senator Benjamin Harrison might seem to signify nothing--except, perhaps, corruption's power, with Indiana voters marching in "blocks of five" to cheat the incumbent out of a victory to which his 100,000-vote numerical majority nationwide should have entitled him.
Minor League free agent outfielder Benjamin Harrison has received a 100-game suspension for his violations of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, including the purchase and the use of amphetamines.
General Order 409 was signed by President Benjamin Harrison, Feb.
After the AP exam, on which Jacob scored a 4, we gave him a document he'd never seen--a proclamation made by President Benjamin Harrison about Discovery Day in 1892.
He utilizes all the main characters of the conflict including the hot- tempered and intelligent General Sherman, General John Bell Hood, who was the last hope of the Confederacy to defend Atlanta; Benjamin Harrison the young Indiana colonel who would rise to become President of the United States; Patrick Cleburne, the Irishman turned-Southern- officer.
Halstead was nominated by President Benjamin Harrison to be ambassador to Germany in 1891 but his nomination was rejected by the Senate "because of his scathing editorials charging that some senators had bought their seats," according to The New York Times.
For example, persons denied admittance are not "deported" but "excluded," Benjamin Harrison did not veto a literacy test bill, and the detention rate at Ellis Island never approached 20 percent.
In 1950 the Congress appropriated $23 million to build a new facility at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.
7, Benjamin Harrison & William Clinton & Millard
Hayes, James Garfield (that's three in a row), Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft, and Harding.