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Edward, English physician, 1766-1838. See: Harrison groove.
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* What motivated President Benjamin Harrison to proclaim the first national celebration of Columbus in 1892?
He wonders if what he calls progressive historians understand President Benjamin Harrison. The president, he argues, was not a shill for big business, nor a helpless executive controlled by political circumstances.
Following an 1893 coup by American settlers against the native Hawaiian government, Benjamin Harrison had tried to rush an annexation treaty through the Senate during his last days as president.
Missiologists are generally familiar with the Ecumenical Missionary Conference held at Carnegie Hall in New York City in April 1900, attended by up to 200,000 people over a ten-day period and addressed by President William McKinley and former president Benjamin Harrison. But how many know about "The World in Boston," a twenty-four-day exhibition held in the Mechanics Building in 1911?
Add in Benjamin Harrison as the percussion-playing dog with the best woof I've ever heard in a human and it's a golden cast.
In 1890, President Benjamin Harrison appointed him U.S.
Included in this title are many captivating stories about Robert Lincoln's life, from his Springfield childhood through his hail-fellow, well-met days at Harvard to his brief service in the Civil War as a member of General Grant's staff to appointments as Secretary of War by President James Garfield and as Minister to Great Britain by President Benjamin Harrison, and, finally, to his lucrative and controversial presidency of the Pullman Company.
She praises President Benjamin Harrison after he "quickly refrained" from kissing a tot offered to him.
8,1912, covered 1,509 miles from Washington, D.C., southwest to Atlanta, and then northwest across Tennessee and Kentucky to Fort Benjamin Harrison near Indianapolis.
When the Vatican supported him, the patriotic cardinal proudly informed President Benjamin Harrison. Harrison responded warmly, observing that, "Of all men, the Bishops of the Church should be in full harmony with the political institutions and sentiments of the country."
Army Finance School at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, he was retained there as an instructor for 1 1/2 years.
"We have found to our glad surprise that tea is one of those creature comforts that people are not really willing to forego says Benjamin Harrison, co-owner vice president of sales for Rishi Tea, a Milwaukee-based company specializing in teas from China, Japan and Taiwan.