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Benjamin, English actuary, 1779-1865.
Gompertz hypothesis - a theory that the force of mortality increases in geometrical progression.
Gompertz law - after age 35-40, the increase in mortality with age tends to be logarithmic.
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safe cash); the aforementioned Fisher (retirement spending rates); Edmond Halley (on whether a pension annuity is worth it; and, yes, it's the celestial Halley; it turns out he wasn't just about the comet); Benjamin Gompertz (on how long retirement spending will last); Leonardo Fibonacci (on how long his friend's money will last, which may have been the question that started the whole financial planning ballgame); and Andrei N.
Desde su aparicion en 1825 (1), la curva sigmoidea propuesta por Benjamin Gompertz ha sido aplicada en diferentes campos, aunque por mucho tiempo fue de interes solamente en actuaria (?) (2).
In the 19th century the insurance actuary Benjamin Gompertz pointed out that as people age, their chance of dying doubles every eight years or so.
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