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Benjamin, pediatrician and allergist.
Feingold diet - diet which eliminates synthetic coloring, flavoring, salicylates, and various preservatives in the belief that they contribute to behavior disorders.
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Benjamin Feingold, a well-respected allergist at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, proposed that artificial food colors (and natural foods containing salicylates--an aspirin-like compound) could cause hyperactivity and other behavioral changes in children.
Benjamin Feingold emphasized the importance of avoiding food chemicals, especially colorings.
Benjamin Feingold, a pediatrician and allergist who discovered that food additives can trigger behavior and learning problems in children, developed a low-additive diet in the 1960s.
We're moving beyond traditional media to embrace the digital age as never before,'' said Benjamin Feingold, president of Worldwide Home Entertainment, Digital Distribution and Acquisitions for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
Sony is confident it will win the DVD war and Benjamin Feingold, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment predicted that within a year HD-DVD would have no choice but to surrender, largely thanks to the inclusion of Blu-Ray players in every PS3.
Spider-Man's extraordinary mass appeal crosses demographics of young and old and possesses an allure to both action fans and romantic movie goers," says Benjamin Feingold, president of Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment division.
Benjamin Feingold, the longtime Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment prexy, says it's already happening, at least at his shop.
The idea that food can affect children's behavior gained popularity in the early 1970s, when California allergist Benjamin Feingold claimed that the behavior of many of his young patients improved when he placed them on special diets to treat their food allergies.
Benjamin Feingold in his book Why Your Child is Hyperactive.
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