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The state of being benign and so behaving
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If possible, the comparison with older X-ray images is recommended as a large portion of nodules can be detected retrospectively, and a constant size over 2 years indicates benignancy [46].
Minimal data is available for this tumor type in other species, but benignancy is likely a consistent feature.
The breast is also offended by other benignancy masses.
Pulmonary cavitary nodules on computed tomography: Differentiation of malignancy and benignancy. J Comput Assist Tomogr.
It could be argued, though, that hegemons exhibit elements of both 'benignancy' and of coercion, depending on the importance that they attach to the achievement of specific and multiple goals on the basis of their national interests.
That military commanders had to confederate against their own men posits the Corporal and the Battalion Runner as the two principal agents of benignancy in a novel that offers Faulkner's most disturbing worldview.
her name, a face of spiritual beauty and benignancy