Benedict's reagent

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Benedict's solution, Benedict's reagent

a chemical solution used to determine the presence of glucose and other reducing substances in the urine.
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Anyone wishing to make a donation in Brother Benedict's memory may send it to Saint Benedict Abbey, Box 67, Still River, MA 01467.
Pope slams Canuck 'folly'" read the headline of the Toronto Sun, September 9, reporting on Pope Benedict's address to the Ontario bishops in Rome.
Barta, director of telecommunications at the UO, said he's been overwhelmed by the number of calls and condolences that have flooded into the family's Eugene home as word of Benedict's death spread.
Benedict's post-papal life thanks to nuns: NCRonline.
As previously reported by IBTimes, the Vatican discussed Benedict's XVI's (http://www.
The restoration has become even more critical following Benedict's stunning announcement that he will resign Feb.
Benedict's job is no plum, granted; he's a full-time tenant coordinator at $15 an hour, and the position isn't permanent, Mr.
In the midst and aftermath of the Regensburg controversy, some Catholic theologians and columnists have attempted to spin Benedict's approach to Islam.
Benedict's neutrality outraged both sides, who accused him of sympathizing with their enemies.
This past year was full of highs and lows for the Pope, including a successful trip to Mexico and Cuba but also the betrayal of his butler, convicted in October of stealing Benedict's personal papers and leaking them to a journalist.