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A recombinant factor IX for treating spontaneous bleeds (prophylaxis) and preventing bleeds during surgery and postoperatively in patients with haemophilia.

Adverse effects
Dizziness, headache, altered taste, lightheadedness, nausea, cellulitis, phlebitis, injection-site reaction, neutralising antibodies resulting in factor IX inhibition.


Recombinant coagulation factor IX Hematology A recombinant factor IX for treating spontaneous bleeds, prophylaxis, and preventing bleeds during surgery and postoperatively in Pts with hemophilia B


A brand name for recombinant human Factor IX formulated as a drug.
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Results of the study indicated that the primary endpoint of the trial was met and hemophilia B patients taking once-weekly BeneFIX (100 IU/Kg) showed a statistically significant reduction in the annualised bleeding rate relative to on-demand treatment with BeneFIX.
With the exception of these countries, Wyeth markets BeneFIX around the world.
BeneFIX is indicated for the control and prevention of hemorrhagic episodes in patients with hemophilia B (congenital factor IX deficiency or Christmas disease), including control and prevention of bleeding in surgical settings.
BeneFIX is not indicated for the treatment of other factor deficiencies (e.
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As a result of their work, several first-in-class products advanced not only into clinical development but also through FDA approval, including BeneFix R (recombinant Factor IX) and Neumega R (recombinant IL-11).