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(bĕn-ăs′ər-əf), Baruj Born 1920.
Venezuelan-born American immunologist. He shared a 1980 Nobel Prize for discoveries concerning cell structure that enhanced understanding of the immunological system, resulting in higher success rates in organ transplantation.
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He is led to a discussion of the contributions of Paul Benacerraf and the Bourbaki school to set theory and of Emmy Noether's achievement in abstract algebra.
Colyvan's textbook is an absorbing introduction to key topics in the philosophy of mathematics since the pioneering work of Paul Benacerraf.
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Beryl Benacerraf (Harvard Medical School, Boston MA), Jim Shywader (University of Mississippi, Jackson, MI), George Bega (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA) and Gregor Kasprian (Medical University of Vienna, Austria).
82) Princeton's last seven provosts have been Neil Rudenstine (1977-1987), Paul Benacerraf (1988-1991), Hugo Sonnenschein (1991-1993), Stephen Goldfeld (1993-1995), Jeremiah Ostriker (1995-2001), Amy Guttmann (2001-2004), and Christopher Eisgruber (2004-present), and all were of Jewish ancestry.
Diamond Castle representatives Ari Benacerraf and Lee Wright will join the Multi-Color board of directors upon closing of the transaction.
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In 1980, Dausset was awarded a second Nobel Prize for medicine with Americans George Snell and Baruj Benacerraf, for their work on genetically determined structures on cell surfaces that regulate immunological reactions.
In the room sat David Katz, who was a protege of Baruj Benacerraf, 1980 Nobel laureate in medicine.
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Beryl Benacerraf said at an ultrasound meeting sponsored by Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women's Hospital.