Bellis perennis

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A minor homeopathic remedy used for trauma, aches, chills, lymph node swelling, and pregnancy-related uterine pain.

Bellis perennis,

n See daisy.
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GARDEN SECRETS: the flowers and young foliage of common daisies, Bellis Perenni, can be used in salads and might help to cure coughs and mucus, while uses of Silver Birch (below) seem to endless, from a beer made using the springtime sap to a cure for psoriasis made from birch tar oil
These long-stemmed flowers look better for being underplanted with other spring flowering plants like forget-me-nots, the double forms of the common daisy, Bellis perennis, and winter pansies, which bloom for ages if they're dead-headed.
Other suitable outdoor plants available at the moment, which would be suitable for making up gifts are Skimmia ru bella, outdoor cyclamen, Bellis perennis and polyanthus or bulbs for a spring surprise
Sow on some spare ground colour-co-ordinated double daisies or Bellis perennis, wallflowers, forget- me-knots, polyanthus and pansies.
Start sowing seeds of Bellis perennis, polyanthus, WEEK pansies and wallflowers so they will be in flower (when little else is) for late winter/ early spring.
Indulge your inner child and have fun with the primary colours - zingy reds, blues and yellows and every shade between on the Plants can be at this of year colour wheel can be harnessed using pansies, wallflowers, bellis perennis, polyanthus, bulbs and cyclamen.
A BELLIS Perennis 12x can be taken following delivery together with one daily dose of arnica 30c to help heal tissue damage.
Perennial rockeries - alyssum saxatile, arabis, aubrietia, bellis perennis, maiden pinks.