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 [tik] (Fr.)
an involuntary, compulsive, rapid, repetitive, stereotyped movement or vocalization, experienced as irresistible although it can be suppressed for some length of time; occurrence is increased by stress and reduced during sleep or engrossing activities. Tics may be of psychogenic or neurogenic origin and are subclassified as either simple, such as eye blinking, shoulder shrugging, coughing, grunting, snorting, or barking; or complex, such as facial gestures, grooming motions, coprolalia (obscene language), echolalia (repeating the most recently heard word or sound), or echokinesis (imitation of another's movements).
tic douloureux a painful disorder of the trigeminal nerve, characterized by severe pain in the face and forehead on the affected side, extending to the midline of the face and head, triggered by stimuli such as cold drafts, chewing, drinking cold liquids, brushing the hair, or washing the face. Called also trigeminal neuralgia.

Treatment. Medical treatment is usually preferred, since surgical correction results in complete loss of sensation in the areas served by the nerve. The drugs employed include trichloroethylene administered by inhalation, niacin, potassium chloride, diethazine, and most recently carbamazepine. When surgery is resorted to, the patient must be watched for signs of corneal infection, which frequently occurs, usually because of loss of the corneal reflex, which normally provides a warning when foreign material or other injurious agents enter the eye. Postoperative instructions must be given so that the patient can take necessary measures for the protection of the eye after discharge from the hospital.
facial tic spasm of the facial muscles.
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fa·cial tic

involuntary twitching of the facial muscles, sometimes unilateral.
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fa·cial tic

(fā'shăl tik)
Involuntary twitching of the facial muscles, sometimes unilateral.
Synonym(s): Bell spasm, facial spasm, palmus (1) , prosopospasm.
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Sir Charles, Scottish surgeon, anatomist, and physiologist, 1774-1842.
Bell law - the ventral spinal roots are motor, the dorsal are sensory. Synonym(s): Bell-Magendie law; Magendie law
Bell-Magendie law - Synonym(s): Bell law
Bell palsy - paresis or paralysis, usually unilateral, of the facial muscles, caused by dysfunction of the 7th cranial nerve. Synonym(s): peripheral facial paralysis
Bell phenomenon - upward movement of the eye on attempted eyelid closure in a patient with peripheral facial paralysis.
Bell respiratory nerve - Synonym(s): long thoracic nerve
Bell spasm - involuntary twitching of the facial muscles. Synonym(s): facial tic
external respiratory nerve of Bell - Synonym(s): long thoracic nerve
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fa·cial tic

(fā'shăl tik)
Involuntary twitching of facial muscles, sometimes unilateral.
Synonym(s): Bell spasm, palmus (1) .
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