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 [glanz] (pl. glan´des) (L.)
a small, rounded mass or glandlike body.
glans clito´ridis the erectile tissue on the free end of the clitoris.
glans pe´nis the cap-shaped expansion of the corpus spongiosum at the end of the penis.
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glans pe·'nis

the conic expansion of the corpus spongiosum that forms the head of the penis.
Synonym(s): balanus
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glans penis

A conical vascular body forming the distal end of the penis.
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The flared cap of the penis which, in the normal uncircumcised penis, is covered by the foreskin when the penis is not erect.
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glans pe·nis

(glanz pē'nis) [TA]
The conic expansion of the corpus spongiosum that forms the head of the penis.
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Glans penis

The bulbous tip of the penis.
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