Bell, John

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John, Scottish surgeon and anatomist, 1763-1820.
Bell muscle - a band of muscular fibers forming a slight fold in the wall of the bladder.
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The group of lads I grew up with were Derek Bell, John Carver and Neil McDonald.
Other celebs in attendence included James Franco, Zelda Williams, Kristen Bell, John Legend, Amber Heard and, of course, Stevie Wonder himself.
Among leading British inventors are James Watt, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Richard Arkwright, Michael Faraday, Robert Stephenson, George Stephenson, Richard Trevithick, Andrew Vivian, Joseph Swan, Alexander Graham Bell, John Logie Baird, Frank Whittle, Alan Turing and Tim Berners-Lee.
LISBURN DISTILLERY YOUTH: Jack Nelson, Jack Boreland, Trevor Ellis, Matty McIvor, Adam Wallace, Matty Bell, John Patterson, Jordan Pegg, Steven Kane, Ryan Adair, Daniel Kinner, Tyler Guy, Calvin Jess, Matt Fegan.
RHYL: Terry McCormick, Ben Maher, Stephen Wright, Greg Stones (Chay Dysart 46), Phil Clarke, Dean Keates, Derek Taylor (Levi Mackin 46), Michael Walsh, Connor Bell, John Owen, Rob Hughes (Aaron Rey 77).
Groomsmen included Blake Ederington Bell, John William Campbell Jr.
CAST: Kate Walsh, Tone Bell, John Ducey, Ryan Hansen, Miguel Sandoval
Cast: Chris Evans, Song Kang Ho, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, Jamie Bell, John Hurt Directed by: Bong Joon-Ho Running time: 126 mins Rating: R for violence, language and drug content ***
They had Jack Bell, John Dewhirst and Robbie Frame on the scoresheet, with Joe Besford and Lee Waugh the visitor's marksmen.
Photographed by Nathan Sayers Modeled by Kristen Bell, John Eirich, and Gina Ianni of TAKE Dance Company Hair and makeup by Chuck Jensen