Belgian Blue

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A breed of cattle with more than the usual allotment of muscle, due to a knockout mutation of the growth factor myostatin


having some relationship to Belgium.

Belgian barge dog
Belgian black pied cattle
black, Belgian dairy cattle.
Belgian blue
dual-purpose cattle; blue, white or blue roan. Bred by crossing Dutch Friesian with British Shorthorn. Calves are large and dystocia common.
Belgian canary
one of the oldest breeds of canaries, popular in the Victorian era. Characterized by a straight, upright back, but lowered head and neck so the shoulders are the highest point.
Belgian cattle dog
Belgian fancy
long, slim canaries with flat chests, long necks and tail feathers, with an unusual posture of the head drooping down and a semicircular silhouette. Called also Slims, Scottish Fancy.
Belgian hare
not a hare at all, but a breed of rabbit. It has a long, fine body and a deep red, tan or chestnut agouti coat.
Belgian horse
heavy draft horse, mostly red-roan or chestnut but may be bay, brown, dun or gray; 16.1 to 17 hands high. A basic breed for many draft breeds. Called also Brabant. Full name is Belgian Heavy Draft. Affected by congenital cataracts and aniridia, which are inherited as a dominant trait.
Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervuren
two varieties of Belgian sheep herding dogs, recognized in the United States as separate breeds. See Belgian shepherd dog (below).
Belgian red cattle
red, dual-purpose cattle from Belgium.
Belgian red pied cattle
red and white, dual-purpose Belgian cattle.
Belgian sheep dog
see Belgian shepherd dog (below).
Belgian shepherd dog
there are several varieties in this breed. All are medium-sized with erect ears and are used as sheepdogs, guard dogs and for police work. The Groenendael, the most common variety, has a long, straight, smooth black coat. In the United States, it is recognized as a separate breed and called the Belgian sheepdog. The Malinois has a short, red, fawn or gray coat with black mask and frosting on the muzzle. It is called the Belgian Malinois in the United States. The Tervueren has a long, red, fawn or gray coat and is called the Belgian Tervueren in the United States. The Laekenois has a short, wiry reddish-fawn coat with black shading.
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The animals which were stolen include three Belgian Blues, three Limousines and five Charolais.
Store heifers: Belgian Blues pounds 985 Plumpe, pounds 930, pounds 900, pounds 850 Plumpe, pounds 840 Low Moat Limousin pounds 880 Plumpe, pounds 785 Low Moat, pounds 760 Plumpe Angus pounds 880, pounds 765, pounds 725 Plumpe, pounds 710 Roanstree Charolais pounds 825 Archerbeck, pounds 765, pounds 760 Borthwick Brae, pounds 740 Archerbeck Simmental pounds 795 Archerbeck, pounds 635 Cadgillhead Saler pounds 710, pounds 670 Mosside Galloway pounds 575 Skitby
They then saw their trio of Belgian Blues triumph in the interbreed group championship ahead of Tecwyn Jones' Commercials.
Pedigree judge Huw Evans of the Machynlleth-based Seifion herd of Belgian Blues, chose as his Supreme Champion the December 2002 born bull Ty Isaf Uri, out of Ty Isaf Lady Linda by Ty Isaf Remmi, from Newtown breeders Wynne and Linda Morgan, who made 2,950 gns to Chester dairy producers Hill and Davies.
Fed normally, Belgian Blues develop 20 to 30 percent more muscle than average cattle, and their meat is lower in fat and unusually tender.
Belgian Blues pounds 140, pounds 135 Byegill Farm; pounds 110 Duckintre Farm; pounds 105 Cumdivock House; pounds 100 Woodclose; pounds 95 Whitrigg House.
Entries across the cattle section were well up on the year with Holsteins, calves, Longhorns and Belgian Blues in particular showing a rise.
The herd of eight pedigree Limousin females has tripled in size thanks to an embryo breeding programme and now the newcomers to the farm, the Belgian Blues, are being flushed to speed the building of the herd using superior genetics.
Belgian Blues pounds 580 West Wharmley, pounds 440 Hyton Farm, pounds 520 West Wharmley.
Belgian Blues have attracted their biggest sale entry in Carlisle - and possibly nationally - with the Border Belgian Blue Club event, run closely with the parent society.
Heifers: Limousin pounds 265 (x3) Tempest Tower, pounds 265, pounds 250 Balladoyle, pounds 185 Grains Farm, pounds 170, pounds 155 Marsh House, pounds 110 Whitrigg House, Belgian Blue pounds 250 (x2) Netherhirst, pounds 210 Whitrigg House, pounds 190 (x2), pounds 175Brackenhow Farm, pounds 185, pounds 170 Whitrigg House, pounds 180 Nook House Farm, pounds 180, pounds 175, pounds 135 (x2) Riggheads, pounds 145 Helm Farm, pounds 140 Raughton Farm, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 140, pounds 135 Harrington Ling, Aberdeen Angus pounds 130 Greenriggs, pounds 105 High Plains.
The overall championship was won by a Belgian Blue cross heifer shown by Messrs Stoddart, Hillside, Wigton, and the reserve championship to Messrs Story, Newbiggin, Kirklinton, for a Limousin cross Steer.

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