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A breed of cattle with more than the usual allotment of muscle, due to a knockout mutation of the growth factor myostatin
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At the same time, the Belgian minister without portfolio, Ganshof van der Meersch, also sent a Belgian security agent to organise the destabilisation of Lumumba's government.
Mr Hardiman said nothing happened and the EEC ruled the Belgian Government had failed to fulfil an obligation under the EEC Treaty.
That is almost twice the target set by tourism agencies, which unveiled a pounds 100,000 drive to boost the number of Belgian visitors to the region to coincide with Ryanair's first Brusselsbound flight last Thursday.
Relying on a Belgian law dealing with international jurisdiction, Lebanese citizens are seeking to sue Sharon, holding him responsible for the 1982 massacre.
Three Belgian officers were in Panmunjon participating in the peace talks.
He thanked both Belgian Foreign Minister Louis Michel and Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi for their work and ''silent diplomacy.''
He was the past president of the Belgian Coffee Import Association, past president of the coffee selection of the Chamber of Commerce and a past secretary of the arbitration chamber of coffee in Antwerp.
Under the notional interest deduction, a new and innovative measure in international tax law, all companies subject to Belgian corporate tax will be able to deduct from their taxable income an amount equal to the interest they would have paid on their capital in the case of long-term debt financing.
Under the ruling the court said that three Belgian employees were right in their claims that their dismissal by Ryanair in 2002 was against Belgian labour laws.
As for David's Belgian production, it remains unclear whether it should be seen as regressive or, on the contrary, radically experimental in purpose.
Daerden was also reportedly spotted drunk at the Games cheering on the Belgian hockey team from the stands.
A Belgian man who has killed more than a hundred people in Raqqa on orders by the Daesh* terror group has been arrested in Syria, the Belgian daily De Morgen reported.

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