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Georg von, Hungarian biophysicist in U.S. and Nobel laureate, 1899-1972. See: Békésy audiometer, Békésy audiometry.
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This simplification is fundamental to Zwislocki's transmission line theory [31] to interpret the passive vibration data observed by von Bekesy [34].
Much less known than Bertrand Russell is Georg von Bekesy (1899-1972).
Von Bekesy (1938) reporto que, en el campo cercano, el contenido de baja frecuencia de un estimulo de banda ancha aumenta cuando la distancia a la fuente sonora disminuye.
The thickness of the basilar membrane is maximum on its basal end whereas width of the basilar membrane is maximum on its apical end (Bekesy 1960; Tianying 2002).
In conditions where the withdrawal of the auditory image occurs on a trajectory of over 3 m (location of the loudspeaker) and a certain position corresponding to the far field, signals of greater frequency additionally amplify the sensation of withdrawal, as noted in studies of perception of stationary sound sources (Bekesy, 1960).
Georg von Bekesy (1) performed critical studies in the auditory and someasthetic modalities, Walter Freeman (19) conducted studies in the olfactory, King, Xie, Zheng and Pribram (22) in the somatosensory, and Pribram, Sharafat, and Beekman (31) have shown that cells in the sensorimotor cortex are tuned to specific frequencies of movement.
Some additionally provide fixed frequency Bekesy audiometry which is preferred by many as it provides a visual indication of the reliability and repeatability of results.
A modified staircase method based on the Bekesy audiometric method was used to determine the participant's contrast threshold at each spatial frequency (Sekuler & Tynan, 1977).
A consistent source in this area are the works of George von Bekesy; see George von Bekesy and W.
Georg von Bekesy of Harvard University for his studies of the inner ear.
Georg Von Bekesy (1899-1972) published his first paper on the pattern of vibration inside inner ear, in 1928.
Also, von Bekesy [29] proved that the tactile transmission is made spectrally, later on drawing the conclusion that the transmission of the signals of all analysers can be described by mathematical equations specific to waves.