James, Scottish physician, 1798-1869.
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Begbie, and took up the argument again exactly at the place where it had left off.
Thug Begbie, played by Robert Carlyle, was snapped wielding a knife and chasing Renton in the Danny Boyle-directed film due out next year.
The actor, who will again play hardman Begbie, said the script for the new film is stronger than the first movie.
But Trainspotting psycho Francis Begbie is the star of a story designed to raise cash for the homeless this Christmas.
In the case of Thos Begbie & Company, a foundry located in the heavy industrial hub of Middelburg, in Mpumalanga, the company has become nearly self-sufficient and is hoping to soon be completely off the grid supplied by the local power utility.
This will give Thos Begbie the ability to produce a cost-effective chrome-based master alloy (2CR22) for the stainless steel foundry industry.
But Welsh's junkies aren't just renegades from the "hard man" mentality Begbie represents; they're also in revolt against Scotland's "work hard, play hard" regime.
Robert Carlyle returns as thug Begbie, who was snapped carrying a knife and chasing Renton in the film, again directed by Danny Boyle and due out next year.
Trainspotting's Francis Begbie has been transformed from the thug who recklessly launched a pint tumbler into a crowd just for thrills.
Trainspotting psycho Francis Begbie is set to unveil his version of Desert Island Discs to DJ Lauren Laverne.
Carlyle played volatile Francis Begbie in Danny Boyle's 1996 movie and will reprise the role in the sequel.
The Scots actor, who shot to fame as violent Begbie in Trainspotting, says he is looking forward to his new role as scientist Dr Nicholas Rush in sci-fi action series Stargate Universe.