James, Scottish physician, 1798-1869.
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Begbie) came in at the same time, with his weekly account.
Begbie, and took up the argument again exactly at the place where it had left off.
Byline: Scott Begbie Column Begbie Scott GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER
As a result, Robert pointed David out on stage when he spotted him in the audience and later signed one of the artist's paintings of a mugshot of Carlyle's iconic Trainspotting character Begbie.
Thug Begbie, played by Robert Carlyle, was snapped wielding a knife and chasing Renton in the Danny Boyle-directed film due out next year.
The actor, who will again play hardman Begbie, said the script for the new film is stronger than the first movie.
But Trainspotting psycho Francis Begbie is the star of a story designed to raise cash for the homeless this Christmas.
Thos Begbie & Co., Middelburg, South Africa, a firm which casts copper- and ferrous-based components, will begin an R25 million ($3.7 million) expansion to make way for installation of a new technology service for the industry.
Renton's buddies, too, have come up with their own nefarious take on "enterprise culture": Sick Boy is a pimp and a pusher, Begbie's done an armed robbery.
David McDonagh travelled all the way to Paris to present Robert Carlyle with a stunning portrait of him as the iconic Begbie character in Trainspotting.