Beer Goggles

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Hypothetical eyewear that people are said to put on after drinking too much, which distorts the objective appearance of a potential partner for a one-night stand
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Mr Taylor added that council officers had "glass crunching under their feet" when outside the pub from beer glasses thrown to the floor.
It likely will be a toasting chorus of beer glasses being raised in celebration of the 12th annual Festival of Ale.
Its products include a monthly beer club, beer glasses, beer gifts and beer hampers.
LUXURY FRENCH CRYSTAL MAKER SAINT-LOUIS IS TAPPING THE POPULARITY of beer varietals with a new line of beer glasses inspired by the cristal-lerie's beer services that were popular 200 years ago.
Charity Oxfam is selling its own range of charity gifts which do their bit for the planet - with suggestions for the perfectly green Father's Day present including compost bins, beer glasses made from recycled glass, wind-up torches, battery rechargers and solarpowered shavers.
There are many different styles of beer glasses and each is made to showcase and bring out the best in the beer.
"When you lose it is not proper to be at the Oktoberfest and raise our beer glasses," Rummenigge said.
Merchandise includes beer mirrors, patches, ponchos, beer glasses, cancelled stock certificates, and coasters.
I struggle to believe that the British Empire was built on monotonous chanting, stacking empty beer glasses into massive piles and getting badly sun-burned.
TALK about beer glasses and many people think you're referring to an excuse for that ill-advised chat-up line after one too many.
Similarly, Mikasa will be featuring its Brewmasters collection, which includes four different types of beer glasses (for wheat beers, stout, pilsners and ales).
It wants landlords to bring in stemmed beer glasses which are marked with a third-of-pint line.