Beer Goggles

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Hypothetical eyewear that people are said to put on after drinking too much, which distorts the objective appearance of a potential partner for a one-night stand
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Beer Goggles, who is entered in the Sun Bets Stayers' Hurdle, finished fifth at Cheltenham but will spend the rest of the season with Martin near Minehead.
"We will do this with a pair of vision impairment goggles, or 'beer goggles' as they are better known.
Ysgol Gyfun Bro Myrddin pupil, Aled Edwards of Carmarthen, tried out the beer goggles and managed to walk along the white line successfully.
Chandrasekhar maintains a bit of momentum through the early going as the less-than-fabulous five is assembled and begins "training." There's also the sheer giddiness of the Oktoberfest shindig erupting into a melee--complete with nine or 10 gratuitously bared breasts--as well as a helpful demonstration of what are affectionately known as "beer goggles" involving Mo'Nique, an extremely game co-star.
For a contest during the show, two volunteers were asked to put on "beer goggles," which distort vision to simulate the body's response to alcohol intake.
An educational programme in which teenagers are asked to don 'beer goggles' to simulate the effects of alcohol has secured funding to continue its work into next year.
Referring to her steamy session in the Big Brother garden and shower with Jason, the student said: 'I had my beer goggles on that night.'
Richard Woollacott, who trained winners Lalor and Beer Goggles, researched suicide sites before hanging himself at his yard.
Long Distance Hurdle winner Beer Goggles, who ran under his wife Kayley's name, tried to make all but never looked entirely comfortable as he pulled to his right, eventually finishing a wellbeaten fifth.
"And one in four of you (25 percent) are quite happy to spend your money on a novelty item like beer goggles, which you were probably wearing when you thought this was a good idea."
Doesn't she know that some women would rather not remember what they might or might not have done with an ugly random punter while her beer goggles were in full working order?
CARLISLE: 2.00 Miss Estela, 2.35 Vasco D'Ycy, 3.10 Grove Silver, 3.45 Prosecco, 4.15 Astrum, 4.45 Forty Crown, 5.15 Beer Goggles. 3.45 Prosecco, 4.15 Astrum, 4.45 Forty Crown, 5.15 Beer Goggles.