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Hartog J., Dutch physiologist, 1859-1924. See: Hamburger phenomenon.
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Verdict: Tasty, even when naked 2 Donut Beefburgers (280g) PS1.97, Asda It's WE loved the innovative shape with a hole in the middle, which made them perfect for bagels.
Verdict: A taste trip 10/10 Irresistible Hereford 2 Beefburgers (340g) PS3.20, The Co-op DONE in 20 mins, they cooked well and were perfectly seasoned, tender and juicy.
Having been subjected to the rigorous and stringent judging process, success came with gold award for their beefburger and silver for their sweet chilli chicken burger, pork and spring onion burger and caramelised onion cracked black pepper burgers.
McDowall Butchers in Paisley picked up two silvers, one for their beefburger and another for THEIRTEXAN BBQ Burger while Gleddoch Family Butchers, also Paisley, won a silver for their beefburger.
Try 45oz of pure beefburger with cheddar, crispy bacon, onion rings and fat chips with the aptly named Fun in a Bun burger.
Anita Hemmings with Roy Smith from Linden Homes and the home made out of sausages and beefburgers |
And in Scotland all schools were ordered not to serve frozen beefburgers after one was found to contain traces of horse DNA.
BEEFBURGERS have been taken off the menu at schools in Wrexham and Flintshire as a precaution.
Kobayashi is also in the Guinness Book of Records for his feats with huge piles of meatballs, beefburgers and pasta.
UK: British retail giant Tesco said Wednesday it has axed an Irish beef supplier which sparked a food scare after horse DNA was found in beefburgers in Britain and Ireland, where horse meat consumption is taboo.
The figures emerged following scandals about the presence of horse meat traces in supermarket beefburgers and revelations about a cancer-causing drug used to treat horses entering the food chain.
LONDON -- Burger King has ditched an Irish supplier of beef that is at the center of a food scare after horse meat was discovered in beefburgers sold in Britain and Ireland, where it is deemed to be a taboo.