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Projections show beef cow numbers will go from this year's 30,235,000, to 30,350,000 for 2013.
Endocrine profiles and follicular development in early-weaned postpartum beef cows.
Imports of live beef cows, therefore, are dominated by Java including Jakarta, West Java, Central Java and East Java.
Grain stocks, exchange rates, and beef cow numbers should be longer term indicators of Montana's agricultural economy.
With CAP reform on the horizon we need to find a beef cow which is cheap and easy to keep,'' saidMr Smith.
Now, George Perry--a graduate student of Smith's who's been working with Geary--may have discovered a new indicator of beef cow fertility, at least in some situations: the size of egg-bearing structures called follicles.
On a fleshy beef cow you can't see them but you can feel them.
These prices represent very solid profits for cow-calf producers and this year we could see a modest upturn in beef cow numbers.