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1. a supporting structure or tissue.
2. a couch or support for the body during sleep.
bed blocks square pieces of wood placed under the legs of a bed to change its incline; frequently used when a patient is in traction.
capillary bed the capillaries of a tissue, area, or organ considered collectively, and their volume capacity.
CircOlectric bed [ser″ko-lek´trik] an electrically operated frame similar in principle to the stryker frame. It can be rotated so that the patient is in a prone, supine, or erect position; this facilitates turning of patients with severe burns, those in some types of traction, or those with various types of spinal injuries.
Clinitron bed fluidized air bed.
bed cradle a frame placed over the body of a patient in bed for application of heat or cold or for protecting injured parts from coming into contact with the bed clothes. Cradles vary in size according to their intended purpose and can be used over the entire body or over one or more of the limbs.
flotation bed a waterbed or other fluid-filled mattress that distributes body weight evenly to minimize prolonged pressure in one area; used for immobilized or burned patients to prevent pressure ulcers.
fluidized air bed a bed that minimizes pressure and distributes weight evenly over the support surface. A gentle flow of temperature-controlled air is projected upward through numerous tiny openings called ceramic microspheres. Called also Clinitron bed.
Clinitron bed or fluidized air bed. From Elkin et al., 2000.
Gatch bed a bed fitted with jointed springs, which may be adjusted to various positions.
nail bed the area of modified epidermis beneath the nail over which the nail plate slides as it grows.
Roto Rest bed trademark for an oscillating hospital bed used in the treatment of a variety of neurological conditions in which the patient must be kept still and in alignment. The bed can rock slowly back and forth, thereby preventing some hazards of immobility. The patient is kept in place with a system of belts and specially designed pillows and packs.
ROTO REST kinetic treatment table. ROTO REST is Kinetic Concepts' trademark for its oscillating bed. Courtesy of Kinetic Concepts, San Antonio, TX.
vascular bed the sum of the blood vessels supplying an organ or region.
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nail ma·trix

the area of the corium on which the nail rests; it is extremely sensitive and presents numerous longitudinal ridges on its surface. According to some anatomists, the nail bed is the portion covered by the body of the nail, the nail bed being only the part on which the root of the nail rests.
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nail bed

The formative layer of cells at the base of the fingernail or toenail; the matrix.
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nail bed

(nāl bed)
The area of the corium on which the nail rests; it is extremely sensitive and presents numerous longitudinal ridges on its surface.
Synonym(s): keratogenous membrane (2) , matrix unguis.
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Nail bed

The layer of tissue underneath the nail.
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