Pierre A., French anatomist, 1785-1825. See: ranine anastomosis, Béclard hernia, Béclard triangle.
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Los obispos y cardenales reunidos en Roma -dice ironicamente el autor- saben mas de moral y sobre todo de obstetricia que Moureau, Chailly, Jacquemier, Adams, Aubert, Beclard, Bischoff, Cruikshank, Haighton, y que todos los fisiologos y patologos juntos.
The book's main body is then divided into four parts: (1) the 1931 study by Angulo and Beclard d'Harcouri; (2) an index compiled by Garland listing eighty-seven audiotapes by Angulo, as recorded on the Pacifica Radio programs, Old Time Stories; (3) twenty-six pages from Pit River Songz (sic, showing 25 songs collected from the Pit River Indians arranged in a graphic notation system; and (4) Song of Los Pesares, comprised of twenty short songs of Angulo's own composition in the same graphic notation as Part Three, plus two pages of music written in regular staff ascribed to Henry Cowell.
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