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Ernst O., German chemist, 1853-1923. See: Beckmann apparatus.
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David Beckmann, a 63-year-old resident of Roselle, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, was under investigation for a different crime when cops found out that he had abused his pet peacock.
Beckmann is originally from Virginia and moved to Florida in 2011.
Beckmann will be heavily involved in day-to-day deal-making, something that she was missing in running her own company, she added.
I see this as a beginning of a long-lasting relationship with the city of Osceola, the State of Arkansas and the whole United States," Bernd Volmer, managing director and co-owner of Beckmann Volmer, said in a news release.
Beckmann professes optimism that change in ending global hunger is not only possible but is already under way.
Beckmann Converting has continued that business model, but has also stretched the limits of laminating technology, especially ultrasonics," said Scott Ayers, vice president of sales and marketing Beckmann Converting.
Beckmann would continue to focus on the global industrial group's corporate banking duties, and also attend to the global automotive business.
The World Food Prize Foundation announces David Beckmann and Jo Luck as co-winners of the 2010 World Food Prize.
Denmark had a late chance to level - but Beckmann fired straight at Khune in the final minute.
Stefan Beckmann as the new head of Care Chemicals and Formulators Europe.
Beckmann, said: "We have seen very strong sales of Net Curtain Whitener this year and feedback from customers on our database revealed that more homes are putting net curtains back.