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Ernst O., German chemist, 1853-1923. See: Beckmann apparatus.
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According to legend, Luther was walking home one night and was so overcome by the beauty of a fir tree and the stars in the sky, he wanted to tell his family about it," Beckmann said.
Fearful of further persecution, Beckmann fled the country with his wife Mathilde to the Netherlands, July 19, 1937 - the same day when the show opened- to never return to Germany.
Oriented in the Impressionism of Lovis Corinth and the French, Beckmann approached abstraction through Edvard Munch and Edouard Vuillard before he was decisively inspired by Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Georges Braque.
The Beckmann Quarry has been consistently recognized for its safety and environmental stewardship.
Beckmann was a member of the founding team at Rhapsody
Nordsjaelland John 6, Christensen 2, Lorentzen 2, Parkhurst 2, Stokholm 2, Beckmann 1, Gytkjaer 1, Laudrup 1.
While living with her mother's cousin, whose husband was the editor of the Frankfurter Zeitung and an early patron of Max Beckmann, she first met Beckmann and saw his paintings.
Town & Country has acquired local Montauk brokerage Kathleen Beckmann Real Estate for an undisclosed amount, Town & Country announced today.
Matthew Beckmann of the University of California at Irvine provides an interesting empirical analysis of presidential leadership in lawmaking for the period from the Eisenhower through the Bush II administrations.
Beckmann Volmer, a German manufacturer of major steel components for wind turbines, broke ground on a new facility in Osceola Tuesday,
The Engine Room, based at the Media Centre, Northumberland Street, has landed Dr Beckmann, a leading UK laundry specialists, as one of their new clients.