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Ernst O., German chemist, 1853-1923. See: Beckmann apparatus.
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More important than winning his second race of the year, Beckman clinched a spot in the Countdown.
Beckman is a member of the European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute (ETSI) and 3GPP (third generation partnership program) organizations, where he helped standardize 2G and 3G wireless systems.
Beckman has been Publisher of three Conde Nast titles and was named Conde Nast Publisher of the Year twice.
From the standpoint of Princeton BioMeditech, we are very excited to be suppliers to a company of Beckman Coulter's caliber and track record," said Jemo Kang, Ph.
In addition, the court held Beckman never could have infringed the patent even if it were valid.
He also speaks frankly about being molested by a priest, and about his father, who Beckman says also struggles with addiction.
A former classmate had the job of measuring the acidity of lemon juice for the California Fruit Growers' Association and asked Beckman to devise a sturdier electrical instrument for the task.
As Young slumped to his knees, Brett Schott, an unarmed, plain-clothes Wal-Mart security guard, jumped on Beckman from behind.
Beckman sings into a bullhorn as he sits atop a stepladder that rides the car's roof.
Beckman, a chemical engineer at the University of Pittsburgh.
DAY-IN-THE-LIFE JOURNALISTS SHOOT THE WORKS Photographers recorded a typical day in the life of employees at Levi Strauss, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, and Beckman Instruments.