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(Bechterew), Vladimir M., Russian neurologist, 1857-1927.
band of Kaes-Bekhterev - see under Kaes
Bekhterev band - Synonym(s): band of Kaes-Bekhterev
Bekhterev disease - arthritis and osteitis deformans involving the spinal column. Synonym(s): spondylitis deformans
Bekhterev-Mendel reflex - percussion of the dorsum of the foot causes flexion of the toes in a pyramidal lesion. Synonym(s): dorsum pedis reflex; Mendel-Bekhterev reflex
Bekhterev nucleus - one of the nuclei raphes. Synonym(s): nucleus centralis tegmenti superior
Bekhterev sign - paralysis of automatic facial movements, the power of voluntary movement being retained.
layer of Bekhterev - Synonym(s): band of Kaes-Bekhterev
line of Bekhterev - Synonym(s): band of Kaes-Bekhterev
Mendel-Bekhterev reflex - Synonym(s): Bekhterev-Mendel reflex
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Gesunde Ernahrung bei Morbus Bechterew und verwandten Spondyloarthritiden.
In obese patients, the frequency is up to 15% [5], in thyroid surgery it is between 5.5 and 17% [2], while in patients with Morbus Bechterew it is up to 20% [5].
The French term of spondylose rhizome'lique, (or arthrose de la colonne vertebrale), Spondylarthrite ankylosante, pelvispondylite rhuma-tismale, spondylose rhizomelique, maladie de Bechterew [22], is better known in today's literature as ankylosing spondylitis or Vladimir Bechterew, Pierre Marie and Ernst Adolf Gustav Gottfried von Strumpell disease [23].
Surprisingly, the previous 1904 Gerspachen's article on tuberculose spondyloartritis, gives a full detailed description of the various etiologies for spondylitis, and among the cited 48 references, we find the names of Leri, Marie, Babinski, Forestier, Brissaud, Strumpell, von Bechterew, and Grancher [26,27].
In 1929 article we can find this statement: "Thirty-five years ago von- Bechterew wrote the first of a series of papers which described a syndrome consisting of stiff spine, nerve root pains, nerve root degeneration, alterations of sensation and muscle atrophies of a radicular distribution, which he ascribed to a pachymeningitis and compression of the nerve roots.
As a child, the famous Czech author, Karel Capek, suffered from scarlet fever, and later developed Bechterew disease: he often complained of head and spinal pain, and suffered from typical spinal deformity.
Patients with other systemic, immunologic, or inflammatory diseases such as reactive arthritis, MB Bechterew, fibromyalgia or psoriatic arthritis were not included in the trial.
Several HLA antigens are associated with various diseases, and probably the strongest association known is that between the HLA-B27 antigen and rheumatic diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis (also known as Bechterew disease), Reiter syndrome, and acute anterior uveitis [1].