Beau's lines

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Beau’s lines

Horizontal grooves on the fingernails which arise when the nails stop growing due to poor health, first described by Joseph Beau in 1846.

Local infection, trauma or psoriasis; systemic disease—e.g., coronary artery occlusion, hypocalcaemia, diabetes, malnutrition; drugs—e.g., beta-blockers, chemotherapy.
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This may be due to proximal nail separation extending distally representing progression of Beau's lines. It's most often due to local or systemic disease such as infection with a high fever.
I can't be sure without seeing and examining you, but you may have Beau's lines - ridges that run across the nails caused by a temporary interference with nail formation.
The nail changes found out in this study were pitting, subungual hyperkeratosis, onycholysis, Beau's lines, onychoschizia and longitudinal melanonychia (Table 1).
The differential diagnosis of external nail deformation includes median nail dystrophy, chronic proximal nail fold inflammation, onychomycosis, psoriasis, Beau's lines, and habit-tic-like dystrophy.